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Yin yoga honours our profound need for balance with its long-held, relaxed stretches that encourage the release of deep tension from the body while teaching us to trust our Self and go with the flow. As life speeds up, it’s no wonder this quiet, introspective practice is in such high demand.

Hatha 200-Hour Coming Soon!

As someone who measured my self-worth by how much I performed, gave and accomplished, Yin yoga’s beingness, receptivity and acceptance were revolutionary to my life and a soothing balm for my soul. 

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In a self-improvement culture, it’s rebellious to slow down and love yourself as you are, which is why I love teaching Yin yoga. Yin's long-held, passive stretches allow me the time to plant messages of self-love and self-acceptance to counterbalance society’s motto of
“do more, be more".

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April 21-23 & May 5-7, 2023


Partial scholarships are available for all our teacher trainings.

(Black, Indigenous, People of Colour)

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"One of the best decisions of my life!
Thank you, Melanie and all my fellow Yinsters."

- Ashanta Farrington



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