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Melanie curates each of her yoga classes around a theme, which means you'll get to explore and put into practice yogic and Buddhist philosophy, Chinese Meridian Theory, the teachings of great Yogis and Spiritual Masters, and the latest scientific research on mental and physical wellness.

She also incorporates guided breathing techniques (Pranayama), symbolic hand gestures (Mudras), and instruments for mastery of your mind (Mantra and Meditation). Plus, you'll benefit from restorative postures and deep relaxation at the end of every class!


Melanie offers clear step-by-step instructions for getting in and out of postures and posture variations, making her classes accessible, even online!


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Practice yoga with Melanie whenever you like, as much as you like, with 6 on-demand packages:
Chakra Insights
Hatha + Yin (Bilingue/Bilingual)
Yoga with Melanie
(all 5 packages for the price of 3!)


"I have love, love, loved both your online course and being in your presence for an hour a week. You are incredible, and the work clearly comes from your heart."
- Diana Henry



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