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Melanie Richards

"When there is difficulty, go inside, meditate and face it. When there is happiness, go outside and share it." 

I believe that Yoga is a path of transformation, with service and compassion at its heart. 

I am the founder of HappyTree Yoga, creator and leader of yoga teacher training programs and a mental health advocate.

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Inspiring growth and joy...

My Story

When I first started practicing yoga regularly, I underwent an enormous personal transformation. Notably, I went from feeling anxious and unhappy to joyful and content, even though nothing in my life had outwardly changed. It was so powerful that I decided to quit my job, become a yoga teacher and open a yoga studio.

I understood through experience that a natural outcome of Yoga is joy, connection and community. So, from the get-go, HappyTree's mission was to create a warm and welcoming environment where people could arrive as they are and flourish at their own pace through accessible and inclusive classes, retreats and teacher training programs. 

“What you are is what you have been.
What you will be is what you do now.”
Quote attributed to the Buddha

"What a breathtaking experience! In just 2 weekends, I am already beginning to see my life transform."

- Kerstin Blaschke



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