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Mindfulness in Mental Health and Trauma

A 6-hr online Masterclass on November 6th
With Mindfulness teacher and coach, David Behrens

Mindfulness and yoga are now included in mainstream treatment programs that empower people to take care of their health and wellness. A teacher of mindfulness and yoga must know which tools and practices are safe and which are contraindicated in specific client populations. This course will give you a window into the skills you need and will develop your potential to serve every individual who needs support in the areas of mental health and trauma. 

Harmonizing the Nervous System: Ancient energy practices & the modern Polyvagal Theory

A 6-hour online Masterclass on Nov 7th
With Mindfulness teacher and coach, David Behrens

In combining the Polyvagal Theory with ancient energetic and yogic practices, this course joins the Western physical approaches to healing the nervous system with the powerful Eastern yogic science and philosophy of the life force—breath, Prana, Chi, energy.

The Vibrant Heart 💗

Lessons from Nondual Tantra on Expansive Living in Challenging Times.
21-Day Online Program with Barrie Risman and Prof. Bill Mahoney November 1-21, 2021

There’s never been a more important moment to take hold of the wisdom teachings of yoga to find hope, renewal, and possibility.  

Here’s an invitation to join me for a brand-new 21-day course in contemplative study that’s created specifically to help you navigate the complexities of this time with clarity and purpose.

Starting November 1, it’s a multi-faceted exploration of the most pivotal and sublime teachings of the Nondual Tantric tradition, and their ground-breaking implications for finding inner freedom and anchoring you in what matters most right now.

This course is designed to make the rich wisdom of yoga accessible and relevant to you even if you’ve never studied yoga philosophy before. Everyone – no matter your level of practice or study – is warmly welcome to join us!

Registration is open now.

Le Sommet Expo Yoga & bien-être

Du 1er au 30 novembre 2021
30 jours de bien-être dans le confort de chez toi.

Des expériences qui changent ta vie. 
Des invités qui changent le monde.

À explorer à ton rythme.
En direct de chez toi. 

  • 30 ateliers virtuels 
  • 30 jours de bien-être
  • 30 invités inspirants

TOUT ça pour SEULEMENT 48 $

Making Sense of the Chakras

A down-to-earth, experiential journey through the chakras with Barrie Risman

Your online practice bundle includes:

  • Introductory video sessions
  • 7 creative and expertly-sequenced asana practice videos – one for each chakra
  • 21 inspirational readings with prompts for contemplative inquiry and facilitated self-reflection
  • 2 audio-guided meditations 

This evergreen course is available right now for only $79 + tax CAD!

From Mel’s video series

YOGA FOR JUSTICE. Join HappyTree teacher, Nancy Zagbayou, for an all-levels yoga practice to soothe aggrieved hearts. Come explore the notions of justice, peace, breath, and community in a safe space; give voice to the feelings in your heart. May there be peace in our hearts, love in your words, and justice in the world.

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HappyTree’s Roots

13 years growing our community . . . with teacher trainings, retreats, yoga and mindfulness in two locations for everyone to feel accepted, rested and empowered.

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