Introducing our new online platform!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new online platform:

You will now be able to take HappyTree yoga classes, workshops and trainings in the safety of your home from wherever you are in the world!

Connect with your favourite teachers and discover new ones. If you miss being part of the studio community, join the classes live to see the same friendly faces each week! If a series or course you wish to take doesn’t fit your schedule, it’s not a problem. You can still register and join the classes on demand.

We hope you will enjoy the new online HappyTree Yoga experience!

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Mindfulness in Mental Health and Trauma – Holding the reins: taming the wild horse of the mind

A 6-hour online Masterclass with David Behrens, Starting September 25th, 2021

Mindfulness and yoga are now included in mainstream treatment programs that empower people to take care of their health and wellness. A teacher of mindfulness and yoga must know which tools and practices are safe and which are contraindicated in specific client populations. This course will give you a window into the skills you need and will develop your potential to serve every individual who needs support in the areas of mental health and trauma. 

Harmonizing the Nervous System: ancient energy practices & the modern Polyvagal Theory

A 6-hour online Masterclass with David Behrens, Starting September 26th, 2021

In combining the Polyvagal Theory with ancient energetic and yogic practices, this course joins the Western physical approaches to healing the nervous system with the powerful Eastern yogic science and philosophy of the life force—breath, Prana, Chi, energy.

Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Online & in-person. October 1-3, 2021

We live in a very Yang society: Fast paced, stimulating and goal-oriented. Even the yoga we practice tends to be very Yang in nature, filled with strong, flowing, repetitive movements that heat the body. Yin yoga honours our profound need for balance with its long-held, relaxed stretches that encourage the release of deep tension from the body while teaching us to trust our Self and go with the flow. As life speeds up, it’s no wonder this quiet, introspective practice is in such high demand.

Online Gentle Yoga Teacher Training

With Melanie Richards
November 19-21, 2021 – Registration will open soon!

gentle yoga teacher training

Our Western yoga culture of chaturangas, downward dogs and demanding flows excludes a growing segment of the population who would still like to get fit, flexible, calm and healthier through yoga – in a gentler way. These people may also be looking for ways to deal with the common illnesses of our time: cancer, heart disease, anxiety, depression and burnout. Gentle yoga responds to these needs. Learn the tools to help yourself and others through this adapted practice.

Making Sense of the Chakras

A down-to-earth, experiential journey through the chakras with Barrie Risman

Your online practice bundle includes:

  • Introductory video sessions
  • 7 creative and expertly-sequenced asana practice videos – one for each chakra
  • 21 inspirational readings with prompts for contemplative inquiry and facilitated self-reflection
  • 2 audio-guided meditations 

This evergreen course is available right now for only $79 + tax CAD!

From Mel’s video series

YOGA FOR JUSTICE. Join HappyTree teacher, Nancy Zagbayou, for an all-levels yoga practice to soothe aggrieved hearts. Come explore the notions of justice, peace, breath, and community in a safe space; give voice to the feelings in your heart. May there be peace in our hearts, love in your words, and justice in the world.

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HappyTree’s Roots

13 years growing our community . . . with teacher trainings, retreats, yoga and mindfulness in two locations for everyone to feel accepted, rested and empowered.

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