Yin Yoga Teacher Training


 with Melanie Richards

and guest teachers Carina Raisman (anatomy)
Janine Maila (Chinese Meridian Theory)


Spring 2018 Yin Yoga
Bilingual (eng/fr)

April 13th – 15th and April 27th – 29th 2018

Early Bird: $585 +tx before March 31st, 2018
Regular Price: $635 +tx after March 31st 2018

Friday, 6:30 – 10:00 pm
Saturday, 1:30 – 7:30 pm
Sunday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

We live in a very Yang society: Fast paced, stimulating and goal-oriented. Even the yoga we practice tends to be very Yang in nature, filled with strong, flowing, repetitive movements that heat the body.

Yin yoga honours our profound need for balance with its long-held, relaxed stretches that encourage the release of deep tension from the body while teaching us to trust our Self and go with the flow. As life speeds up, it’s no wonder this quiet, introspective practice is in such high demand.


Happy Tree_mats_yintt Yoga Philosophy
What is Yin Yoga?
Finding Balance: The Yin/Yang relationship

The Stress Response as it relates to Yin Yoga
Anatomy as it relates to modifying Yin asanas
Anatomy of connective tissue with Carina Raisman
Chinese Meridian Theory with Janine Maila

Techniques and Practice
Analysis and practice of 20 + Yin Yoga Postures
Deep Relaxation
Chanting and Affirmation



Teaching Methodology and Practicum
How to create “The Yin Zone”
Instructing and Sequencing a Yin yoga class
Variations and Modifications for Yin Yoga poses
Teaching Tips for Clear Language and Communication Discovering Your Authentic Voice

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Course Details: 
30 contact hours and 10 hours of personal study
5 hours (class)- A 5-class card is included in the price of the training.
Those coming from outside Montreal may contact the Meridien Hotel. Mention that you are student in a HappyTree teacher trainings for a discounted rate.

*Small adjustments may be made to the schedule.

Terms and Conditions for Teacher Trainings:

  • Pre-registration is required for all teacher trainings
  • All teacher trainings must be paid in full at the time of registration (with the exception of those on payment plans for the Hatha YTT)
  • For the Early Bird price to apply, payment must be received in full on or before the discount deadline
  • Unpaid registrations are not confirmed
  • Cancellation requests received more than one month in advance of the training will be refunded in full, minus a $50 administration fee (with the exception of Hatha YTT)
  • Cancellation requests received one month or less before the training are non-refundable and non-transferable