Workshops and Series

Pranayama with Lyne St-Roch

lyne st-roch

Thursday, March 15th, 2018
6:30pm – 9:30pm
$59 +tx ($69 +tx at the door)

The practice of Pranayama, or “mastery of the breath”, has a very important role in a global approach to Yoga. When practiced properly, it calms our mental agitations and opens the door to greater introspection. It also supports concentration and the spontaneous flow of life-force energy throughout the body, more so than asana. To master the breath, it needs to be addressed with both ease and wisdom.

In this bilingual workshop you will learn:

  • The link between the Yoga Sutras and pranayama
  • Revision of our respiratory system anatomy and phases of the breath
  • A few yoga postures that predispose us to pranayama
  • Quality of breath and your personal rhythm
  • Different basic pranayama exercises and the role of each one
  • Pranayama in your individualized, daily practice

About Lyne St-Roch:

Quebec yoga pioneer, founder of Lyne St-Roch Studios in 2001, certified in exercise science at the University of Sherbrooke, massage therapist and renown yoga teacher, Lyne St-Roch possesses vast experience in the area of yoga and well-being. Over the years, she has given numerous teacher trainings, workshops and conferences, and many of today’s teachers in Montreal, as well as the rest of Quebec, have studied with her. Lyne contributes regularly to LaPresse+, among other media. She is always ready to listen to individual needs, while her teachings have influenced the lives of thousands of men and women.

*This is a bilingual workshop

Chakra Needs With Christine Guenette

chakra needs series

A 7-week series Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30 pm
February 28 – April 11th 2018
$175 +tx

According to renowned life strategist, Tony Robbins, we have six basic human needs that influence our behaviour, motivations and decision-making. In yoga, our chakras – energy centres in the body – also house specific needs that govern us unconsciously. Join yoga teacher and life coach, Christine Guenette, as she sheds light on both systems and creates a valuable link between them to help you make powerful choices for your life. Through meditation, journaling and meaningful discussion, you will have the opportunity to consciously create a vision for your future in alignment with your deepest values for your greatest fulfillment. 47-page colour workbook included!