From quick yoga practices to squeeze into your busy day, recipes and simple teachings to brighten your perspective and inspire change, Mel’s got A TON more content to share with you on her YouTube channel. Here’s a selection of some of our faves….

My favourite pregnancy meal

This soup saved me in my first trimester! Just the thought of meat or eggs made me nauseous and I was looking for an easily digestible vegetarian meal option packed with protein and iron for developing baby. This recipe quickly became a family favourite and is great for fall! Mexican Black Bean Soup – original recipe:…

Gentle Yoga for Strength and Vitality

Whether you’re a beginner, pregnant or simply looking for a gentle yoga practice to boost your mood, strength and energy, this 20-minute sequence is for you!

My top 3 climate actions

Greta Thunberg and over half a million other people took part in Montreal’s march for climate action on September 27, 2019. In this video I share some of my footage from the march along with my top 3 climate actions for the planet.

Kundalini meditation to Alleviate Stress

Alleviate your stress in just a few minutes with this easy and effective meditation.

Yoga studio makeover – DIY decor!

HappyTree has a brand new location in NDG! In less than an hour, we transformed our new space from a blank canvas into a warm and welcoming studio. Check out the before and after!

How to Instantly Relieve Anxiety

In this short video, I’m sharing my favourite trick for relieving anxiety and finding instant calm.

Yoga for When You Sit Too Much

A 30-minute practice for hips hamstrings and lower back. Long flights, as well as long days at the office can be hard on the body. This gentle yoga routine for hips, hamstrings, and lower back is perfect for before or after a long day of sitting!

What’s blocking your meditation?

Do you ever feel like your mind is too busy or that you’re just too tired to meditate? Find out how you can tackle these and other common blocks in your practice.

Mindfulness Meditation Tutorial

Meditate with me in the comfort of your own home! After a short explanation of the proper technique, I will guide you into a 5-minute mindfulness meditation.

Relationships with Lisa Lajoie

Intuitive Master and Spiritual Evolution Coach, Lisa Lajoie, shares the secret to attracting your perfect match; strengthening your bond with the one you love; how to avoid the biggest mistake that we make in relationships; as well as a meditation to deepen intimacy with your partner.

40 Lessons I’ve Learned at 40

Nuggets of love, life and spiritual wisdom in honour of my 40th birthday and Bell Let’s Talk Day. I’m sharing forty life lessons that have helped me build a life and a business that I love!

Turn negative reactions –> positive

Do your negative reactions cause you to suffer? Do you repeat the same self-sabotaging patterns? Here’s what happens from both a neuroscience and Yogic perspective and how mindfulness can serve to empower you with new, positive reactions!

HappyTree Celebrates 10 Years!

HappyTree celebrated 10 years with an unforgettable party! Watch testimonials from devoted students whose lives have been transformed for the better. Thank you George Karkour from OK George! Studios for this emotional tribute!

Addictive Vegan Keto Eggnog

Warning: it’s addictive! Vegan? Keto diet? No problem. This mock eggnog recipe has you covered for the holidays and to my great surprise, it’s addictively delicious – even without all the eggs, cream and sugar! 😇😎