Pictures and Testimonials

Here’s what our community is saying about the new space…

“I have been a HappyTree client for almost five years and over the years, not only has HappyTree become my first choice as a studio to practice yoga in, but it has truly become my home away from home. The environment and community Melanie created in this space has always been peaceful, warm and inviting. With the announcement of the move, I felt that it would never be possible to find, match or recreate the atmosphere that was once present at HappyTree, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I went to the new location and discovered that Melanie had chosen the perfect space to move into! The peace and serenity in the new space is true to HappyTree and the classes are as excellent as always. 
Congrats Mel on the new space and excellent choice ! :)”
– Sarah Assadian
“HappyTree’s new location is like an anchor of serenity in the middle of the city. The studios are comfortable, have lots of light, and have beautiful doors that are works of art. At the heart of HappyTree are the wonderful yoga classes. It is warm and welcoming, whether you are new or a HappyTree veteran. I love HappyTree.”
– Anna Lee
“Having just started the practice of Yoga three years ago at the beginning of my sixties, I cannot emphasize enough how welcome I was made to feel and how embracing the entire community of HappyTree was to me. The new location offers the exact same feeling, and it is lovely and peaceful and has many amenities to enjoy. I applaud changes in life and locations that are greeted with positivity and joy – as this new local is. Plus, it’s a lovely area to explore…vibrant and rich in flavour which compliments the experience at HappyTree’s new space. I am thrilled for Melanie and her team of loving teachers.”
– Lynda Granatstein
“The new HappyTree location has a great vibe. I love the colourful cushions and reading nooks. The studios are big and bright with tall windows (hello natural light!), and the studio doors themselves are beautifully decorated. As for getting there, I come from metro Charlevoix, and it’s an easy metro ride to Mont-Royal or Laurier station and then a lovely ten minute walk to the studio. So far, I’ve Meditated with Mel on Wednesday nights (a great mix of theory and practice) and look forward to Manon’s restorative on Sunday and Bhaskar’s Hatha on Tuesday evening. And of course, hot yogi tea for all!”
– Catherine Moleski