Our Therapists

Miho Taniguchi – Swedish, pre/postnatal and deep issue massage

Miho TaniguchiMiho believes in the incredible power and emotional benefits of compassionate touch. Miho graduated in Swedish massage at Kiné-Concept in 2009 and also studied pre-natal massage, as well as chair-massage. Her massages provide relief from pain, tension and stress. She has the ability to bring clients into deep relaxation and help them regain their balance and energy. It is an honour for her to connect with clients and help them improve their health.

Freddy Chidiac – Swedish massage, acupressure and shiatsu

FreddyFreddy’s journey into health and healing started 20 years ago with the practice of Qigong. In 2008, he studied Swedish massage and, in 2013, Shiatsu at Guijek in Montreal. His style of Swedish massage is now influenced by Shiatsu and Qigong for the best results in both releasing muscular tension and opening up the energy circulation in the whole body, thus relieving pain and strengthening the immune system. His practice of Buddhism and Meditation for the past 8 years helps him always work with mindfulness and compassion.

Shelley Kerman – Reflexology

Shelley Kerman-1Shelley became a Certified Reflexologist in 2010. She studied with the Reflexology Association of Canada and practices both Hand and Foot Reflexology. Shelley brings many years of intuitive healing and a deep interest in natural, ancient remedies. She encourages her clients to help themselves, by deepening their understanding of the mind/body connection and to steer wellness within them.

Dominic Tambuzzo – Ayurveda

Dominic TambuzzoDominic discovered the healing art and science of Ayurveda during his travels in India in 2011. There he obtained an Ayurveda Massage Therapist (AMT) certification at the Ayuskama Institute of Ayurveda in Dharamsala. Since then, he’s continued to broaden his skills by acquiring other Ayurveda Bodywork certifications and techniques in North America, notably at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda. Fascinated by the richness and depth behind the 5000 yr.old holistic discipline, Dominic recently completed a 500hr certification as a Ayurveda Practitioner and Lifestyle Consultant (Naturotherapy).

Sally Lee – Acupressure and pre/postnatal massage

Sally LeeSally believes that the body consists of living wisdom and healing ability to attune itself to its balance. Being a massage therapist has enabled her to share this passion and knowledge intuitively and interpersonally. She feels blessed to practice this gift of giving and receiving through acupressure, prenatal and postnatal massage. Sally is also a yoga teacher of Yin and Mama and Baby yoga, as well as a student of Yoga Therapy. She studied at the Oriental Acupressure Massage School and has been practicing acupressure since 2013. Her recent pregnancy and delivery, and now being a new mom, has nourished and deepened her understanding of the importance of pre-and post-natal massage. Like a perfectly well steeped cup of tea – ready to share it with you!

Dave Sullivan – Reflexology

DaveDave Sullivan’s focus is on giving clients tools to become champions of their own wellness, and foot reflexology is one of the most powerful tools of all. A long time reflexology client, Dave became motivated to help others detox relax and heal with this powerful technique. In 2011, he graduated from the School of Complementary Therapies Foot Reflexology program. He invites those accustomed to traditional massage to give reflexology a try and experience the benefits. You can learn more about Dave at www.davesullivanyoga.com and follow him at www.facebook.com/yogadave514.

Jade Salter – Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

Jade is a certified Massage Therapist, specialising in Kinetic Swedish massage (Kineconcept Montreal) KSM is a fusion of Swedish massage, passive mobilisation and deep tissue work. Jade has also been working as a yoga teacher and therapist for 5 years and uses stretches and postural correction in her massage therapy work. She continues her studies this year by specialising further in Sports Therapy Massage (IKRA

Tzach Alon – Swedish massage, reiki and osteopathy

Tzach2Tzach is a certified Osteopath, massage therapist, member of the Society of Osteopaths of Quebec, and la société nouvelle de massothérapie de Québec. Working with intuition and deep listening, Tzach works to balance and harmonize the body and create space for releasing tension. Being diverse in many disciplines, Tzach is able to adapt and personalize his treatments to the needs of the patient. From cranial, structural and visceral Osteopathy, to swedish, trigger point and fascia massages. Tzach is also a reiki therapist who, after benefiting from Reiki treatments himself, received his first initiation in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho reiki system in 2002 and is planning to become a reiki master/teacher. He also obtained levels one and two in Quantum energy healing in 2013.

Martina Kuel  – Swedish massage and shiatsu

Martina has graduated from the international Shiatsu College in Padova, Italy in 2011 and after he arrival in Montreal in 2012 she added Thai Yoga I, Thai Reflexology and Swedish massage to her repertoire. She enjoys drawing from these various modalities to create an individualized experience that will help each client to feel his or her best.



Lily MacLean – Reiki

Lily believes that there is nothing more needed in the world today than healers to bring about a sense of connectedness with each and every person on the planet. She began her journey in healing when first becoming aquainted with Yoga in 2008 and has since become certified in Reiki level 1. She recently completed her Reiki level 2 certification and has ambitions to become a Reiki Master. She is also taking the Hatha Yoga teacher training at Happy Tree Yoga.

Matthias Falls  – Swedish massage

Matthias began working as a massage therapist with Ikra Spa at the age of 19 years old. Although he started young, he has mastered the art of Swedish massage and enjoys being able to take care of his clients and help them take care of themselves. Matthias has a passion for making people feel calm and relaxed, and likes to give his time to people that need a pause in their daily routine. He’s calm, collective and zen and those are the three qualities he wants transmit to his clients. In addition to massage therapy, Matthias makes his own natural products for improved health and well-being.

Sabrina Edip  – Swedish and therapeutic massage

Sabrina’s aim is to help people to reach a degree of optimal relaxation by kinetic swedish massage and to treat individuals who suffer with musculoskeletal problems and/or high stress levels.