Week 5: Sacred Space

11698696_10153454016497387_7081710779380592436_nWhen teaching us about abundance, Nischala Joy Devi – one of my favourite spiritual teachers – declared, “The Universe wants to give you stuff, but there’s no room in your closet!”

What do you want to make more room for in your life? Satisfying relationships? Meaningful work? A deeper connection with life/spirituality? Material abundance? Time for yourself and freedom in your schedule?

In a world of instant gratification and never enough, it’s good to remember that some things still require space, time, perseverance and a little patience to grow. A closet full of quick fixes and a schedule filled with busywork can actually work the opposite way we want it to, and leave us feeling scattered and unfulfilled.

Make room in your life for what really matters with these 4 tips:

1. De-clutter

Give away what you don’t need and make room for abundance. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner-world. The morning I got back from a 10-days silent meditation retreat – my mind purified and much clearer than usual – I cleaned and de-cluttered my house like a Disney princess on speed for six hours straight, happily packing up beautiful clothes and jewelry to give away to my friends. I felt generous, appreciative, abundant and loving. Naturally, my content and joyful inner-state was extending into my external environment. It was a magical day. On ordinary days, it’s good to know that the rule works both ways. De-cluttering and giving things away can help you feel amazingly clear, focused and ready for a fresh start!

2. Schedule Daily “Me” Time

IMG_4652Schedule one hour for yourself everyday to connect with something bigger than your day-to-day problems. What you do in that time is up to you, as long as it fills you up and inspires you. Walk in nature, take a yoga class, paint, write, play, create, dance and listen to music. Dream. Pray. Think Big. What matters is that you show up for yourself because you are the most important person in your life.

NB: saying “yes” to yourself will mean saying “no” to other people occasionally. However, when you take care of yourself first, you naturally have more to give to others. Give from the overflow of your energy well – not from it’s depths. Taking care of you is the most unselfish thing you can do!


3. Create a Sacred Space

IMG_3291_2Gather objects and pictures that spark your imagination and evoke inspiration, appreciation, love and devotion.
It could be pictures of Jesus, Bruce Lee, Krishna, Jay Z, Superman or your grandmother. It could be all of the above as long as each one has special meaning for you. Choose an area of your home, no matter how small, and set up an alter with these powerful personal and universal symbols. Spend time in your sacred space everyday. Soak up the good vibes and let your subconscious mind take care of the rest. Don’t be surprised is your life starts moving forward in new and positive ways.

4. Allow Extra Time

Allow an extra 15-30 minutes to get everywhere.

Not only will you avoid rushing, Lilykinsyou’ll create space in your day for serendipitous encounters. Being relaxed means being in the flow and open to signs from the universe. Trust that people and events come into your life at just the right time and in just the right way.

A perfect example of this is how I met my cat, Lily.

Driving down Saint-Jacques, I had just finished telling my friend that I wanted a cat when we stopped at a red light next to another car. In the passenger seat was a man holding a small kitten. He noticed me staring and smiling at the cat, rolled down his window and asked if I wanted to keep her. In disbelief, we both pulled to the side of the road. As it turns out, the kitten was on her way back to her foster home because the man
discovered his girlfriend was allergic (he considered giving up the girlfriend but lucky for me it was the cat that got the boot!). I adopted her later that week and now I can’t imagine my life without her!IMG_4560


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