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Intention setting: Melanie Richards at TEDxMontrealWomen

Gentle Yoga for Strength and Vitality

Whether you’re a beginner, pregnant or simply looking for a gentle yoga practice to boost your mood, strength and energy, this 20-minute sequence is for you!

HappyTree Celebrates 10 Years!

HappyTree has touched many lives since it first opened its doors in 2007. Watch testimonials from devoted students whose lives have been transformed for the better!

Yin Yoga for Adapting to Change

Melt away stress and increase your resilience in the face of change with this 60-minute relaxing class.

Teacher Training Testimonial

Meet the beautiful and radiant Mireille Courte at her HappyTree 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training graduation! Even if you don’t understand french, her touching presence and authenticity will make you want to learn more about what makes HappyTree’s trainings so unique.

5 Ways to Increase Vitality

When our Prana (life force energy) is weak or restricted, the body feels sluggish, the mind foggy, and the emotions unbalanced. On the other hand, when Prana is flowing optimally, there is freedom and ease in the body, clarity of thought, and emotional buoyancy.

Yoga for When You Sit Too Much

A 30-minute practice for hips hamstrings and lower back. Long flights, as well as long days at the office can be hard on the body. This gentle yoga routine for hips, hamstrings, and lower back is perfect for before or after a long day of sitting!

How Yoga Helped Me Love My Body

Having been in the yoga industry now for almost fifteen years, both as a yoga teacher and studio owner, I can say with absolute certainty that yoga has the power to heal and transform lives, the way it did my own. And with just as much certainty, I can say that the yoga industry is not immune to the same societal pressures and ideals of beauty that run rampant in the film, fashion and beauty industries. 

How Yoga Helped Me Love My Body

Mindfulness Meditation Tutorial

Meditate with me in the comfort of your own home! After a short explanation of the proper technique, I will guide you into a 5-minute mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness in Mental Health and Trauma

Mindfulness, Yoga and other ancient energy practices are becoming integral to treatment programs for trauma and mental health. Watch my interview with international mindfulness teacher, David Behrens, to learn how and why they work.

40 Lessons I’ve Learned at 40

Nuggets of love, life and spiritual wisdom in honour of my 40th birthday and Bell Let’s Talk Day. I’m sharing forty life lessons that have helped me build a life and a business that I love!

Turn negative reactions –> positive

Do your negative reactions cause you to suffer? Do you repeat the same self-sabotaging patterns? Here’s what happens from both a neuroscience and Yogic perspective and how mindfulness can serve to empower you with new, positive reactions!

Yoga Mythbusters with guest Annakin Slayd

Hip Hop artist Annakin Slayd helps HappyTree yoga studio owner Melanie Richards debunk the myth, “I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible.”

Yoga Myth Busters with guest Jojo Flores

International, award-winning DJ Jojo Flores helps HappyTree Yoga Studio owner Melanie Richards debunk the myth, “I can’t do yoga because I can’t relax my mind”. Learn a simple breathing technique that will help you keep calm and carry on, even on your busiest days!