Profs de Hatha invités

Barrie Risman

E-RYT 500 Sequencing & Advanced Postures

Passionate yoga educator and seasoned seeker on the path, Barrie has been immersed in the teachings and practices of yoga for more than two decades. Her teaching weaves together technical precision with an ever-present awareness of the great wisdom of yoga philosophy. Barrie has lead retreats, teacher trainings and workshops throughout Canada and internationally since 2004.

Melanie Richards


Fondatrice et directrice du studio de Yoga HappyTree à Montréal [établie en 2007], Melanie y enseigne les formations professorales de Hatha yoga, Yin yoga et Yoga doux. La chaine de télévision CTV (The Power of One) a reconnu son travail engagé dans la communauté, notamment auprès des gens atteints du cancer ainsi qu’auprès des jeunes défavorisés. Son entrepreneuriat social lui a même valu un prix « Notable Awards » du Québec. Melanie est une communicatrice et une rédactrice passionnée; elle a donné plusieurs conférences sur le yoga et la méditation (TEDx Montreal Women, conférences CUSM, Wanderlust Tremblant, Cirque du soleil, Expo Yoga et bien-être).

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Lyne St-Roch

Pranayama & The Vayus

Quebec yoga pioneer, founder of Lyne St-Roch Studios in 2001, certified in exercise science at the University of Sherbrooke, massage therapist and renown yoga teacher, Lyne St-Roch possesses vast experience in the area of yoga and well-being. Over the years, she has given numerous teacher trainings, workshops and conferences, and many of today’s teachers in Montreal, as well as the rest of Quebec, have studied with her. Lyne contributes regularly to LaPresse+, among other media. She is always ready to listen to individual needs, while her teachings have influenced the lives of thousands of men and women.

Sonya Beaudoin

Teaching Assistant

Sonya began teaching yoga in 2002, and has completed the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training with teachers Barrie Risman and Robin Golt. She started practicing at HappyTree Yoga Studio when it first opened in 2007 and has been teaching there since 2009. She holds a B.Sc. in Exercise Science from Concordia University, and has a strong understanding of bio-mechanics which she infuses into her classes.

Bram Levinson

Hindu & Yogic Mythology, The Bhagavad Gita, Hands On Assisting

Author of The Examined Life, Bram Levinson is a renowned yoga teacher, blogger, mentor and lecturer.

Lisa Lajoie

Intention Setting & From Fear to Spiritual Freedom

For 25 years, Lisa Lajoie has been using her intuitive gifts to help people improve their lives through spiritual life mentoring, and business and leadership training. (

Bhaskar Goswami

Yogic Lifestyle: Principles of Optimum Health

From Assam, India, Bhaskar was born into the yogic tradition. He is the founder of the award-winning corporate yoga company, BODHI.

Brian Miller


With over 15 years of fitness and boxing experience, Brian came yoga and was awed by the metamorphosis he experienced and continues to experience through his yoga practice. Brian truly believes that the practice of yoga can inspire both mental and physical transformation through the development of strength, balance, flexibility, focus, stamina and body awareness — enabling each of us to tap into our true inner potential.