HBT – Mindfulness Training for the Workplace

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Why Mindfulness at work?

It’s no surprise that when your employees feel good, they perform better and your company becomes more effective, productive and positive. At HBT we go beyond postures, and teach mindfulness and yoga as proven paths to optimal physical and mental health.

When you learn to train your mind, you’re also learning to:

  • Re-focus your energy
  • Be intentional in decision-making
  • Increase resilience to challenges

What we offer

  • Customized seminars and programs that address the goals of your leadership and employees
  • Courses at your place of work, external events or at HappyTree yoga studio
  • Teachers of the highest calibre that are well-respected in the community

Corporate Yoga in the workplace

Introduction to Mindfulness

Everyone has the ability to practice mindfulness. In this seminar, employees will discover what mindfulness is, how to practice it, and why it matters at work. The ancient principles and wisdom of mindfulness meditation will be explained in a fresh, relatable way through hands-on practice, anecdotes, scientific explanation and group discussion.

Mindfulness Series

A series of one-hour discussions designed to bring in-depth awareness to health issues and offer stress-reduction techniques. Each session addresses a different topic, including, but not limited to: breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, healthy eating, positive thinking and Ayurveda.

Meditation Program

A course consisting of six 1-hour sessions designed to teach meditation techniques and for employees to transform themselves through mindfulness and self-observation. Focus is placed on meditation and breathing techniques to calm the mind, generate greater vitality, and nurture creativity.

Customized Meditation and Yoga Classes

On-site sessions with one of our teachers to suit your needs and availability. Examples of custom programs can include corporate-wide initiatives, programs for specific departments, and programs for specific projects. The length and number of sessions are determined by each company.

Executive Retreats

Profound exploration, practice and insights into mindful leadership. Retreats are comprised of nature walks, meditation practice, gentle yoga and other mindfulness-developing activities, together with organic meals, talks, Q&As and facilitated group dialogue. Several location options are available depending on your preferences.

Private Yoga and Mindfulness Training

Personalized yoga for individuals to address each person’s unique needs. Can assist with healing injuries, stress and tension, lifestyle changes, and other issues.

About HBT

Melanie Richards and Bhaskar Goswami are the respective founders of award-winning companies, HappyTree Yoga and The Bodhi Principle. As recognized leaders in Montreal’s health and wellness industry, and with over 30 years of combined teaching experience, they have joined forces to give you Happy Bodhi Tree (HBT) – mindfulness training for the workplace.

Melanie Richards

Ten years ago, Melanie founded HappyTree yoga studio and has since used her business as a platform for creating and offering corporate programs and workshops on the topics of mindfulness, yoga and health (TEDx Montreal Women, RVH Foundation, MUHC Conferences, Cirque du Soleil, Wanderlust Tremblant). Having sat in multiple 10-day silent meditation courses in the Vipassana tradition, she has an integrated understanding of the philosophy and practice of mindfulness. Melanie is the 2014 winner of a Quebec Notable Award for social entrepreneurship and is currently on the committee for the Quebec Yoga Expo.

Bhaskar Goswami

From Assam, India, Bhaskar was born into the yogic tradition. He has been trained at the Transcendental Meditation school of Assam in India, and at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta in Canada. His 10-year international engineering career provided him with a strong understanding of work-life balance. In 2007 he founded BODHI, a company dedicated to offering wellbeing to people in workplaces and schools. That same year he won the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest and the Accolade 2007 – Recognizing Business Excellence, both for ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’. He is an acclaimed speaker, a certified Naturopath and has released a professional yoga practice CD with two-time Grammy nominated artist, Adrian Carr. In 2014 he co-founded daana a non-profit organization offering pay-it-forward wellness worldwide.

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