Master Classes – Finished for 2017!

 The Dr. Bali Method with Dr. Madan Bali

The Dr. Bali Method of therapeutic yoga is based on the principle that the body is so well designed and equipped that it is self sufficient with a complete pharmacy of its own. The body has the finest technology within to help generate all its essential needs with a mathematical precision. Dr. Bali’s method provides a practical methodology to tap into the body’s full potential for healing and wellness.

Just as a plant needs healthy roots to be strong and sturdy, we need to keep our subtle body refined and regulated, so it is able to simultaneously coordinate and co-relate its infinite scale of activities and maintain an experience of optimal wellness. Getting in touch with the body’s own self-referral feedback system can help reverse the damage caused by stress, unhealthy habits, poor diet and negative emotions.

Dr. Bali has developed a unique method of yoga asanas, pranayama, bandhas, and kriyas, combined with a metaphysical approach for an evolution of consciousness. Also, his method helps integrate and refine the subtle body, transcending into infinite and timeless essence. Dr. Bali has worked with countless individuals change and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Madan Bali: 

Dr. Madan Bali is the founder-director of Yoga Bliss, a research and training center operating since 1969, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

He was born in Northern India where he developed an interest in a spiritual path from a young age. A long time yoga practitioner, he immigrated to Canada in 1969 and began sharing his knowledge using yoga as a form of therapy and stress management.

For over 45 years Dr. Bali has successfully introduced yoga in Montreal at several colleges and school boards as part of the curriculum, as well as hospitals, corporations, and community centers. He has developed yoga as a complimentary form of therapy in treating psychosomatic disorders. His practical and extensive experience of the therapeutic benefits of yoga techniques is particularly useful in today’s fast-paced stressful way of life.

Dr. Bali is an extraordinary example of a healthy lifestyle. Now in his nineties, he continues sharing the joy of yoga in his classes and workshops. He is a Vedanta scholar with a Doctorate in Complimentary Medicine. He is also one of the best sources of wisdom and knowledge about therapeutic yoga and its applications for wellness in everyday life.

Dr. Bali has received the following accreditations:

  • A.N.N. Certificate of Individual Membership from The Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists;
  • A Distinguished & Significant Contribution to the advancement of Humanitarian Service & Scientific Knowledge through the Study of Human Consciousness & Healing from The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences;
  • A Certificate of Meritorious Service from The Spiritual Science Fellowship and the International Council of Community Churches;
  • A Certificate for Successful Completion of the Group Rehabilitation Team 4 Teaching Program from The MAD-Mackay Rehabilitation Center.

Intention and Presence: A Meditative Exploration
with Dawn Mauricio

The most telling place where the quality of our practice speaks most clearly is not in the amazing physical feats on the mat or exciting mental tricks on the cushion, but rather in the way we live our lives. Just as the poses of a yoga class are linked together by our breath, so are our actions in life linked together by our intention and presence.

In this workshop, we will explore the larger context of intentions, and highlight how a meditation practice is just that – a practice – for living a life full of meaning, all of the time. Come prepared to explore through a Dharma talk and journalling, and to be guided through several meditations. All levels are welcome.

Dawn Mauricio:

Dawn is a yoga and meditation teacher with a playful, dynamic, and centered approach. She is known for her boundless energy, and smiling personality that are both contagious, and motivating. Teaching since 2006, she has received certifications from Spirit Rock Meditation Centre, True North Insight, Naada Yoga, and Yoga Tune Up®.

Dawn has been practicing and studying Insight Meditation since 2005, and has completed close to twenty silent residential retreats in Canada, the US, Thailand, and Burma, including a 3-month silent retreat at Insight Meditation Society. Additionally, Dawn has completed several programs of meditation studies from True North Insight (2-year teaching mentorship), and Spirit Rock Meditation Center (18-month Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training, 2-year Dedicated Practitioners’ Program).

Read Dawn’s full bio here.

Evolving Your Yoga: Backbends Master Class
with Barrie Risman

Our session includes a reflective look at your yoga practice followed by a deep backbending practice. You’ll discover how yoga is working for you in your life right now and clarify your intention for practice. You will also experience the transformative power of
heart-centered asana to weave your vision into the fabric of your being where it can begin to manifest!

Barrie Risman:

Passionate yoga educator and seasoned seeker on the path, Barrie has been immersed in the teachings and practices of yoga for more than two decades. Her teaching weaves together technical precision with an ever-present awareness of the great wisdom of yoga philosophy.

Barrie has been a student of Iyengar Yoga since 1993 and was a certified Anusara Yoga teacher and teacher-trainer from 2003 – 2012, as well as member of the Anusara Yoga Teacher Certification Committee. She is the creator of The Skilful Yogi, a unique online professional development program for yoga teachers and author of the Skilful Yogi blog. Most recently, she serves as co-director of the World Spine Care Yoga Project, whose mission is to empower underserved populations to share the practices of yoga. Barrie has also lead retreats, teacher trainings and workshops throughout Canada and internationally since 2004 and is currently at work on a book about evolving and deepening yoga practice for students and teachers of all styles of yoga.

Read Barrie’s full bio here:

Anatomy of Yoga: Breathing into Alignment
with Carina Raisman

Breathing is the key to good overall health. Beyond the physical, mental and emotional aspects, the breath controls all the other systems in the body (digestive, immune, hormonal, cardiovascular and nervous) by making internal communication possible.

In this workshops a combination of anatomical theory and yoga practice will help outline the key alignment principles of Hatha Yoga. Focusing on the structure, function, and interrelationship between yoga postures, the practice of yoga, and the anatomical support of the breath in correcting posture.  By understanding anatomy you will support your yoga practice and practicing yoga will support your anatomy.

Students will learn;
-the anatomy of the breath in different breathing techniques and different postures;
-how the breath affects the posture and how the posture affects the breath;
-how the breath and the posture affect the nervous system for stress management;
-the relationship between the breath and the spine, out central channel, in anatomy, physiology, and in energy terms.

Carina Raisman: 

Carina Raisman has been practicing yoga for over fifteen years and teaching for ten. She is certified by Yoga Alliance in Ashtanga Yoga, and complements her practice and teaching through various forms of yoga. Her main sources of inspiration are Satyananda and Anusara.

Carina’s academic history shows clearly her interest in Health Sciences. Graduating with honors from McGill University, with a BSc in Microbiology and Immunology, she enriched her education further with a year abroad at the Faculté de Pharmacie in Montpellier, France.  This experience provided added knowledge in many fields, namely pharmacology, homeopathy, and plant-therapy.

While dance, bodywork, and macrobiotic nutrition have helped her to see what cannot be seen under a microscope: health cannot be pinpointed to a part or a particle, if not the delicate balance of all parts working fluidly together. At the present, Carina is devoting time to bridging the gap between modern medicine and Yogatherapy, and integrates aspects of Anatomy, Physiology & Immunology into the teaching of yoga. Through research and collaboration, Carina aims to integrate yoga into the public health system, making yoga accessible to all. Her yoga classes emphasize alignment, posture, stress management, and awareness of breath.

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